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Terms and Extent of support

As you might know, as per envato support policy authors are not bound to provide support. However, I do provide support to my customers as much as I can, because I believe its my duty to make customers happy as they paid for the product.

Please note:

  1. I only provide support related to my item only and not general questions. For example how to FTP files etc.
    (there are hundreds of places for such questions online)
  2. I would need envato purchase code (license key)  (whats this) in order to provide support. Also note that I have no obligations to provide support so I will disregard messages which includes but not limited to urgency, offence, rude-ness, threats or anything other unproducting matter.
  3. I might save your name, email, themeforest username, IP address, purchase code.
    Note: I might ask you to provide sensitive information to provide assistance faster. Like ftp or wp-admin access. If you are comfortable sharing them, please DO NOT post these publicly, you can include them in tickets or can email me using my themeforest profile page. Also please note that I advice to change your passwords before and after I work because I will accept no liability of information leak should they occure.
  4. Refunds: Please note I do not control refunds, so in such case please contact if I fail to address your concern.

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