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Quick Installation Guide for Advanced Users

  • Unzip, upload and activate theme to your wordpress installation by manually uploading theme's zip file from FTP OR by direct upload of theme's zip file from Appearance → Themes → Install (I assume you know how to).
  • Go to mPortfolio → Backup settings, and import Json file found in demo-data folder of your download. (Json file contains default settings backup that applies to your theme-options automatically, so that you can just get going without doing any setup except logo change).
  • [Optional] Import demo data XML file found in demo-data folder of your download to your wordpress. (I assume you know how to)

Done! for more options and setup see below.

More on Installation of mPortfolio theme

  • Activate widgets and create menu from Appearance.
  • Setup URL link structure from Settings → Permalinks.
  • Setup footer widgets from Theme Options → Footer Customization.

Note: [by default, Theme Options → Homepage all 4 options are on]

Please refer to shortcodes here for quick use of 'pre-formatted' in-built styles.

Custom Homepage ( Just like DEMO site homepage )

  • Create a page with page template “Home” and call it whatever you like.
  • Go to Settings → Reading.
  • Set 'Front page displays' as a static page and choose your page just created above.
  • Go to Theme-options → Homepage and do rest of setup as per your requirements , on page instructions are provided.

That's all!

Slider setup ( Just like DEMO site homepage )

Hey, Thank you for your purchase. To setup slider just like demo , please follow these points.

  • 1) Make sure you have imported demo data xml and theme settings json file as detailed in very first point above (quick installation guide for adv users).

Note: If you have done above step fine , Just create a page with page template 'Home' and slider will appear just like demo site.

  • 2) Please go to admin → Slides and create some slides, put them in a category, say 'Featured' is the category you put them in. Slide is just a post type, you will see editor to put html/visual just like you see with the post.
  • 3) Once you have created slides , please go to

wp-admin → Theme options → Homepage → Homepage Setup → Homepage Cover Area and enter shortcode there like: [mpslider category=featured] where featured is the category of the slides you want to showcase.

  • 4) Create a new page and select “Home” as its page template from right side panel.

Note: To setup slider just like demo you would need some css knowledge , or you can just use demo data supplied with theme and customize the slides text and image to fit your needs.

Feel free to ask if you have questions.

PS : Better slider and slider management is coming in next version.

Contact Page

  • Create new page and choose Contact Form as page template.
  • Go to Theme Options → Contact Page to further setup basic settings.
  • Display Google Map: Put latitude and longitude co-ordinates in Theme Options → Contact Page → Maps 'Contact Form Google Maps co-ordinates' . Get co-ordinates from
  • For quick further content customizations use shortcodes here.

Features Page

Use these shortcodes to display 'pre-formatted styled' content sections.

Blog Posts

Create a page and choose 'Blog' as page template. Additionally, go to Settings → Readings to choose no. of blog posts to show.

Pages Layouts

  • When creating a new page, choose 'icon' from section “Studio9 Custom Settings” → General Settings for placement of sidebar.
  • Shortcodes are used to show content displayed on these demo pages left or right.

About Us (or 'Services')

  • Create a new page and name it 'About' (or 'Services') and choose 'Full-Width' as its page template.
  • Use these shortcodes to display 'pre-formatted styled' content sections.

Tip: Studio9 services demo page has quick and ready HTML code. (see the bottom of that demo page)


  • First create specific categories from Portfolio → “Portfolio Galleries”.
  • Add portfolio items from “Portfolio” → 'Add New' and assign (at least one) category.
  • Apply relevant 'Featured Image' to each portfolio item.
  • After creating portfolio items, create a page and select page template “Portfolio”.
  • [Optional] Embed video code for (YouTube, Vimeo or similar) for Portfolio Items from 'Studio9 Custom Settings'.

Note: All portfolio items have by default. Change this from Theme Options → Portfolio.

  • Go to Theme Options → Footer Customization. All settings have descriptions with them and onpage instructions are provided.
  • Use of HTML and normal text allowed in Theme Options → Footer Customization → 'Custom Text (Left)' and 'Custom Text (Right)'

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