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  1. Backup your 'includes' folder in case you are installing it on a live website.
  2. Make sure you have done first step.
  3. Upload includes folder from your download. It will automatically upload files on their relevant paths.
  4. Go to Admin → Tools → Template selection and select Nicestore as your template.
  5. Go to Configuration → Layout settings, and do following:
    • Turn on “Column Right Status - Global”
    • Turn onCSS Buttons”
    • Set “Bread Crumbs Navigation Separator” to ||
  6. Go to Tools → Layout box controller, and click on Reset button on the bottom. This will re-sync the sidebar boxes.
  7. Go to Configuration → Images, and set images height and width to 185 px where you see 80px or 100px bydefault.

Note: If images don't show up, please make sure you have given write permissions (777) to 'cache' folder found in includes\templates\nicestore

Special features

  • If site has many categories, this template uses a system called “source ordered” which helps to load the main content (product text, prices, etc.) first on your site and this also helps search engine optimization.
  • Flexible aspect ratio of site (including logo).
  • Automatic Sideboxes stack up NOTE: Sideboxes display only on ONE side.

Logo Modifications

  • To change logo → upload your logo.png to includes/templates/nicestore/images/
  • Additionally you can adjust logo's CSS in stylesheet:
#logo img {

Remove Default Messages and homepage content setup

To remove default messages:

  • Turn them off under “Configuration”, “Layout Settings”
  • Also turn off from “Customer Greeting - Show on Index Page”
  • Open up includes/languages/english/nicestore/index.php and change the terms as you want. (You can also edit this file from admin panel , go to Tools → Define Pages Editor)
  • To edit footer content. Open up includes/templates/nicestore/common/tpl_main_page.php and carefully edit the html for footer content. I have commented them so that you can find it easily.

Theme Translation

How to translate the theme to your own language:

  • Please go to \includes\languages
  • You will find 2 folders there english and nicestore
  • Now, you need to create versions of these folders for your required language that you activate from admin and also use its language pack for translating other non-theme strings. (more on it can be found here:

Please follow these steps to translate the theme

For example, lets say you are trying to translate website to “german” language.

  1. Create another copy of english folder, and rename it german
  2. Then open german folder and change language strings of all phrases to german language.
  3. Open nicestore/english.php, and save it as nicestore/german.php
  4. Also edit german.php file and change all phrases to german language.


  1. To change the order of or remove any of the links in the dropdown header menu, open up includes/templates/nicestore/common/tpl_drop_menu.php and edit as desired.
  2. To change the text used for the dropdown header menu links, open up includes/languages/english/extra_definitions/nicestore/headermenu.php and edit as desired.
  3. To remove the about us page, open up includes/templates/nicestore/common/tpl_drop_menu.php and remove this line (approx. line 63)
<li><a href="<?php echo zen_href_link(FILENAME_ABOUT_US); ?>"><?php echo HEADER_TITLE_ABOUT_US; ?></a></li>

Also, open up includes/modules/sideboxes/nicestore/information.php and remove this line (approx. line 26)

$information[] = '<a href="' . zen_href_link(FILENAME_ABOUT_US) . '">' . BOX_INFORMATION_ABOUT_US . '</a>';


  1. The images used in demo were bought by us and are not included in the purchase.
  2. I have used 'kameron', 'bitter', 'enriqueta” from
  3. Icons used were either made by me or downloaded from icon directories with “Allowed for commercial use (no link required)” license.
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