22 most popular and good looking WP themes for tech blogs

When creating blogs, people tend to make sure that it is as informative as possible. They do research and investigations. After doing this, they collate each information and report them on their blogs. But, what catches the eye of readers is the blogs’ themes.

If something beautiful catches their eye, they tend to check the blog out. They then stick on it and read the information afterward. It goes to show how important a blog theme is. Tech blogs are no exception.

That said, this article will discuss the best tech blog themes that bloggers use and will use. One doesn’t need to become a genius web designer to create websites and blogs. All they need is basic WordPress knowledge and an eye-catching theme. With that, here are some of the best tech blog themes used on WordPress.

WP themes for tech blogs

Newspaper WordPress Theme – review and download

If the blog that you want to create needs to have a uniformed look, try Newspaper. A lot of bloggers are using this theme because of its professional look. It’s very easy to use and doesn’t need any coding knowledge.

This theme provides superb features as well, like tagDiv Composer. This front-end editing software is easy to operate. It employs a simple drag-drop-arrange manner, and one can see the changes live. It also has more than 800 pre-designed templates that anyone can customize.

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MagPlus WordPress Theme – review and download

WordPress also uses MagPlus. This theme can grace blogs, news article websites, and web-magazines. It uses Google AMP that improves its SEO capabilities. It optimizes reader experience, whether accessed from mobile or PC. This time is also fast, clocking in at 2.25 seconds of load time. It also has lots of layouts to choose from.

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Best WordPress Theme – review and download

With a name like Best, one will know that they are using a great theme. One can see this theme in magazines and news websites. It has good accessibility from mobile and desktop devices. There are also no issues accessing this theme using different browsers. Its SEO features will also help the blog enter the top searches. People can customize their features as well.

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Soledad WordPress Theme – review and download

With an elegant and feminine name like Soledad, one can expect its brilliance. Mobile devices will have no issues accessing the theme. Optimized SEO capabilities help the site in the search engine race. All these are possible through the use of simple tools provided by the theme.

Another quality that it boasts is its efficient design, features, and template. Its plugins also help in making high-quality blogs.

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Portus WordPress Theme – review and download

Need a theme that one can adopt in an easy manner? Look no further because Portus is here. Its design itself helps in attracting more readers to the blog. Designed to charm the readers’ eyes, its layouts and elements will entice readers to stay. Screen size is not a problem since it’s responsive when used on desktops or mobile devices. It’s also compatible with any browser.

Bloggers can customize its design using icons and sidebar options. It has 11 original layouts and is customizable as well.

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MagOne WordPress Theme – review and download

From its name, one will know that MagOne has themes perfect for web-magazines. Its vibrant colors will amaze visitors to the site. It employs sophisticated yet easy-to-use tools for editing. These tools help in fast and efficient editing.

It has a ton of pre-designed templates that bloggers can choose from. They can find a template that will suit their tastes in no time at all. After choosing one, they can customize its design through a drag and drop procedure.

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Gillion WordPress Theme – review and download

If the blogger has no experience in building websites, Gillion is the best theme to use. It adapts to any SEO purpose and methods. Easy to use and has a social media support option. It means anything posted on the site will appear on any social media platform.

It can also use Google Ads and place banners in specific areas. The theme will not waste a single area on the site.

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Clock WordPress Theme – review and download

If the blogger wants a straight-forward, no-nonsense theme, then Clock is for them. This theme helps bloggers who want to earn through ads and sales. It is because of its dependable SEO capabilities. While using this theme, bloggers can impress its readers through information and features.

Along with its SEO options, it also incorporates a shortcode generator. It improves content quality and efficiency. It enables the site to reach more target viewers.

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Compass WordPress Theme – review and download

Are you looking for a flexible and elegant theme? Compass can provide it and more. It can also handle many websites and blog projects. The theme can also integrate to any social media platform to reach more viewers. Adaptable features and options make it easy to operate. These features make readers focus on the blogger’s content while eliminating distractions. It is possible through ingenious templates and design.

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Herald WordPress Theme – review and download

A versatile theme, bloggers, use Herald for technology-themed blogs. It can play various roles, but it focuses on web-magazine designs. Newbies in blogging will have no problem using this time. It is because of the theme’s easy setup steps. It aims to help bloggers to create blogs within minutes. It provides tutorial videos to help the people understand and apply its steps.

The theme also uses WooCommerce. With WooCommerce, bloggers can give out physical copies of their posts. It also helps bloggers in creating their own online shops.

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MagXP WordPress Theme – review and download

Everyone wants a developed system for easy usage. That is what MagXP offers to bloggers. Its pre-designed templates have many options for customization. It also pushes its SEO capabilities to its highest level. One doesn’t need to do coding to upload PSD files on their blog. This theme takes care of that through Homepage Creator. With its drag and drop feature, they can customize their blogs according to their style.

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Jannah WordPress Theme – review and download

Want to create a blog but need help in designing it? Jannah can help with its pre-designed templates. One example is Tech News. This template offers options that make a blog fast and flexible. It also uses AMP or Accelerate Mobile Pages. It means it loads fast on mobile devices. This theme also has SEO capabilities and the Yoast plugin. That way, more people can reach the site through search engines.

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PenNews WordPress Theme – review and download

With an option to custom its design, PenNews delivers high-quality tech themes. It uses an array of crafting tools for the blogger to take advantage of. They can use WPBakery to create designs without programming knowledge. One can also place counters to see the number of visitors viewing the site.

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Saxon WordPress Theme – review and download

Saxon is a theme that offers concept options. It is important for bloggers that want to create in their style. People that manage online magazines create customized blogs on it. With Google AMP, bloggers can share information while earning.

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Pixwell WordPress Theme – review and download

Bloggers that have lots of ideas use Pixwell on different projects. Of course, these ideas can only apply to specific niches. It is why they need a theme that can host these ideas. Because it has functions like pre-made templates, bloggers create blogs as easy as 1, 2, and 3. It also offers the Elementor page builder for bloggers who want to customize their site.

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Telling WordPress Theme – review and download

Got an idea but have no means to apply it on? Use Telling. This theme allows WordPress users to think out of the box. There are lots of demo templates to choose from. If nothing suits the blogger’s style, they can use one then customize it. They don’t need any coding knowledge because they can use WPBakery.

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Suga WordPress Theme – review and download

Another alternative theme to use is Suga. Its designs can entice even the stingiest reader. Coupled with the blogger’s flair for creativity, Suga can create the best tech theme of all. It uses the powerful BKNinja Composer. With this tool, coding knowledge isn’t necessary.

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Blogxer WordPress Theme – review and download

Any blogger wants to have unlimited options for creativity. They can do this with Blogxer. They can create their own designs or adapt one of their own. If they have an existing site and want to overhaul it, Blogxer can help. They can use many of its sample templates. That way, they don’t need to start from scratch.

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Gorgo WordPress Theme – review and download

Minimalism is the “in” thing right now. Bloggers can use Gorgo for this purpose. It offers a light or dark layout for any of its templates. Should they create their designs, they can incorporate this option. People that value detail would do well with this theme. It also does well with search engines because of its SEO capabilities.

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Innovation WordPress Theme – review and download

If the blogger has different concepts related to technology, they need Innovation. Each of its components and plugins helps the blogger create the blog that they envision. They can choose from more than 200 pre-designed templates then customize it. They can do this from the many options that the theme offers.

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MightyMag WordPress Theme – review and download

With its name, people can expect a mighty following. It offers efficient and clean designs open for customization. The theme provides the option to create an online shop and community forum as well. All these options are available on a single site.

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Papr WordPress Theme – review and download

As with other themes, Papr offers easy access and usability. Novice bloggers can create blogs in minutes with the help of the Elementor page builder. With this option, they can drag and drop whatever they want to add on their blog. They can either use an existing template as it is or customize it to their liking.

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Those are some of the best tech themes that bloggers can use. Most of them offer easy usability, even for novices. With the blogger’s creativity and the theme’s options, their blogs will outshine others in the SEO race.

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