10 top-rated free WordPress theme for portfolio websites

A good design doesn’t necessarily make for an excellent portfolio website. We have collected top-rated free WordPress themes that are not only easy to work with, but also allows for some excellent customization options that allow portfolio sites to be as unique as the websites they want to imitate.

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Frontech – Review and Download


The Frontech WordPress Theme is one top-tiered element that is vital for creating and developing websites that need modern and creative backgrounds.

One of the most prominent uses of the Frontech WordPress Theme is for Personal Portfolios which highly needs a great level of creativity.


The theme is uniquely designed for those creators that seek a lot more options for creativity and to highlight either photos or videos.

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Blossom Shop – Review and Download

Blossom Shop

With the vast amount of competition, the Blossom Shop WordPress Theme remains one of the most relevant themes to be used for setting up websites for online shops.

The theme is rich in features and elements that truly help users, either a beginner or a pro to have an advantage in developing online shops.


The theme ensures to give users of every website created to have a high quality of experience. Those creating their own website can easily customize whatever should be displayed and how it should be displayed.

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RT Portfolio – Review and Download

RT Portfolio

The RT Portfolio WordPress Theme is complete with all the vital elements for setting up an online portfolio website.

RT Portfolio is packed with creative and stylish elements that would make the website more appealing to audiences and would attract more future clients.


One thing that makes RT Portfolio one of the best themes to use is its modern and clean design. A clean design ensures to highlight whatever project is being displayed, photographs are one example for photographers.

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PhotoFocus – Review and Download


The PhotoFocus WordPress Theme is complete with elements and tools that all vital to creating online portfolio websites.


The WordPress Theme provides elements that are very easy to access and very easy to use, making whatever work needed to be done easily in a few clicks.

It is highly customizable that offers a whole lot of options for designing and styling the website. The creators of the theme have also optimized it to load fast and smoothly on whatever device and whatever browser the website is being accessed.

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Portfolio Web – Review and Download

Portfolio Web

The Portfolio Web WordPress Theme is one of the top-rated themes that is mostly used for setting up websites that showcases online portfolios.


The WordPress Theme is designed to allow users to style their website in a clean and professional look. The live customizer feature of the theme makes editing the style and every other element so much easier with just a few clicks.

The theme also has good adaptability that makes any website developed with it to be fully accessible with mobile phones and tablets.

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Hello Fashion – Review and Download

Hello Fashion

The Hello Fashion WordPress Theme is packed with all the vital tools that provide a great advantage for setting up and developing a website for fashion, travel, beauty, arts, and more.

This WordPress theme for the portfolio is ideal for you if you prefer an online website online with a girly and female touch.


The first thing that gets customers into using the theme is the way it works very well for beginners and for those who have no coding knowledge. The theme has allowed beginners to navigate each element the easiest way possible.

For those who are building a website that is mostly centered on fashion, the number of options for styling and designing makes the theme one of the best options out there with more than 900 Google fonts and unlimited colors.

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Aditi – Review and Download


The Aditi WordPress Theme, as a child theme of Lalita, had inherited all of its functionality and key features.

The theme’s most prominent feature is the clean design it has, with its default black and white color scheme. It also has great typography with a ton of Google Fonts that comes with it.


The WooCommerce plugin compatibility with the theme is also one of the great features it has as it allows creating online shops as easy in a few clicks. The theme also has a fully responsive feature providing a great experience to users when the website is being accessed on mobile and whatever browser they are on.

Another thing about the Aditi WordPress Theme is that it works very well for those who’ve been wanting to develop their own website and has no coding knowledge.

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Career Portfolio – Review and Download

Career Portfolio

The Career Portfolio WordPress Theme is complete with all the great elements that are vital to setting up websites that showcase portfolios.


The theme has the best quality of elements when it comes to building the artistic and creative ambiance of a website.

When you set up a website for an online portfolio, it is important to have the best and advanced options for setting up the site the way it should be seen as with the type of display it offers as it helps attract more future clients.

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SKT Filmmaker – Review and Download

SKT Filmmaker

The SKT Filmmaker WordPress Theme is known to be used for most websites that mainly showcase media-related content such as photography, videography, modeling portfolios, and more.


The theme could also be used for setting up online shops with its WooCommerce plugin compatibility.

Everything about the theme is simple including its elements and functions that make it easy to navigate through when it comes to designing and editing the whole website. Everything about the theme is fully customizable.

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PHLOX – Review and Download


Complete the most vital elements, The PHLOX WordPress Theme is one of the most ideal themes to work with when it comes to setting up a website for blogs, online portfolios, travel, photography, and more.


The theme’s fast and fully responsive feature is one of the main reasons it is known as one of the best themes out there and it is proven that with using mobile phones.

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