Earn money while doing a blog about your hobby; a step by step guide

Do you ever think of starting a blog and fill its contents with your hobby? Also, do you ever think of ways to earn money while doing a blog about your hobbies?

Blogging helps a lot of people express their thoughts with a full heart. Many bloggers make their hobbies content in their blog and earn money at the same time. They are the people who dared to follow their dream and made it into a profession.

blog about your hobby

Earn money while doing a blog about your hobby.

You can consider a lot of things like your hobby. Do you cook, write, race, sing, or paint? Everything can count in as your hobby. These hobbies could make great content in your blog. Everyone will go through a long way, starting a blog. Here is a step by step guide that will help you earn money while doing a blog of your hobby.

Step 1: Starting a blog

There are several ways wherein you can start your hobby blog. But first, you have to prepare and know what your hobbies are. You have to learn about the things that bloggers should know when starting their blog. This way, you can deliver blogs genuinely.

Excellent and pure blogs help add up the percentage of the people you influence. Readers appreciate a blog more if it carries a genuine and informative tone at the same time.

You have to know the purpose of starting your hobby blog. Why are you doing it? Are you doing it to earn money, influence people, spread information, or all? People sometimes lack passion and purpose when they write a blog. But, you can spark these by looking back at how you do the things you love. Instilling experiences from your hobbies help you write and describe your hobby blog.

Step 2: Know your hobbies

You can include as many hobbies as you want as long as you experience them. To write to them, you have to experience them first. Tell your readers a story by informing them about your hobbies. You can also gather readers by convincing them of something your hobby proves.

You have to know first what your hobbies are before you start a hobby blog. Not everything you do is a hobby. You might wrongly see chores as hobbies. Hobbies are what you do to have fun and relaxation. The things you do in your free time can go to your list of hobbies.

You have to take note of several things before starting a blog.

  1. Know your audience
  • Know who will read your blog. There will be fewer misinterpretations to someone this way. Misinterpretations come from those who do not understand the topic or point of your blog. You have to be aware of the probability of people reading and understanding your blog. It will help you write content that fits them the most.
  1. Create attractive contents for your readers
  • Consider your audience’s opinion. Let your audience pass suggestions to you. You can get ideas from your audience’s comments.
  1. Make use of SEO to increase the number of reads.
  2. Make your readers a regular audience.
  • Give your audience reasons to come back to your blog site. Make them want to read your content.
  1. Market your blog
  • Never hesitate to promote your blog in your social media accounts. This way, your audience will know that your blog exists. They will also have an idea that the contents they want to read might be in your blog site.

Here are some examples of hobbies and blog ideas you can write

  1. Baking – If you started to learn how to bake because you have a lot of free time, you could see cooking as one of your hobbies. You can write a blog on what your first pastry was and how you did it. Explore and write new things. Cite your unforgettable experiences and learning while learning how to bake. Including this topic in your hobby blog will help a lot of beginner bakers.
  2. Painting – Painting is a hobby most, especially when it helps you relax. You can start a blog by showcasing a picture of your art and telling your audience the story behind it. It is better if you share your strengths and weaknesses while making your artwork.
  3. Work out – Fitness is one of the most sought after content nowadays. Many people strive to get fit; that’s why hobby blogs with fitness contents attract them. Readers aim for a hobby blog that shows perseverance and passion. You can cite how you improved throughout your fitness journey. Telling a motivating story will influence a lot of people to read your hobby blog.
  4. Video Editing – You can also turn your hobby and skill in video editing into blog content. Video editing, like your hobby, can help inform a lot of people in the video editing industry. You can also market your video editing hobby while making a hobby blog about it. Promoting your other profession can also help you earn money.
  5. Modeling – Express your hobby in front of the camera. A lot of modeling wannabes search for modeling tips in blogs. It will attract a lot of readers and influence them. These readers may follow your footsteps if you’d include your modeling journey.
  6. Writing – Writing is not only a profession, but it can also be a passion and hobby all at once. Tell them your writing journey. Your hardships, achievements, challenges, and happy times make up for your writing journey. Aspiring writers are looking for someone who can express writers’ perceptions of things. If they see a passionate hobby blog, they will begin to read and finish your blog.

These types of hobby blogs generate a good number of reads and audience in 2020. It will help you think of content and grow your blog.

Step 3: Improve your vocabulary

Starting a blog site means you have to sharpen your vocabulary. Search for websites or videos offering lessons that help improve your writing skills. Improved vocabulary means having an easy time expressing your thoughts through words. Your audience will have a convenient time understanding the message you aim to relay.

A wide variety of vocabulary helps writers describe messages to their audience more. It allows writers to build good communications with their readers. You must know the words to use to improve your audience to understand your blog more accessible.

Lookup for the best vocabulary sites that instill vocabulary and grammar lessons. These websites also offer sentence construction information tutorials.

Step 4: Practice your writing skills online

Practice, practice, and practice. Mistakes help people meet something from their experiences. You can start writing on your notepad. Cite your daily activities through storytelling. As the days pass, you’ll discover your writing way and how you can improve it. Remember that a great writer goes through a lot of practice before knowing the best way to write. Do not feel sad if you commit errors. Be an excellent communicator if you want to be the best hobby blog, writer.

Step 5: Know your writing style

There are different types of writing styles you can adapt to. Hobby blogs can come from different writing styles, as well. You have to choose the right writing style for the topic of your hobby blog.

Here are the different types of writing styles for blogs

  1. Confessional

The confessional writing style aims to bring a shock to the readers. You can write something about the unique way of how you discovered your hobby and how you maintain it. The confessional writing style focuses more on the emotions delivered to the audience.

  1. Personal Narrative

Personal Narrative is a writing style that is straight to the point. Here, you can tell the audience the story of something related to your hobby. You can share a story of how you manage to surpass your workout routines daily. This style informs and entertains the audience.

  1. Investigative

The investigative writing style leans more on answering questions. It often appears when the audience asks questions to you. If the audience is curious about something, you can write about it and tell them your discovery.

  1. Round-up

Round-up articles side more to describing particular objects or events. You can incite happenings and observations with how your cooking activity occurred. Or what happened to the music festival you’ve been to.

  1. Instructional

Instructional articles lean more toward teaching the audience. Steps, How to, and A Guide to blogs are the types of Instructional materials. You help people learn about something they aim to know through this writing style.

Familiarize yourself with the way you write. It must be unique. Having a unique writing style will help you make your branding to the audience. It will serve as your trademark.

Meanwhile, Niche blogs are the most accurate blog-type if you aim to write hobby blogs. Niche blogs are blogs that relate to you and the passion you have. It fits most of the hobby blogs. You have a choice to create a lifestyle blog,

Step 6: Read blogs from other writers

Getting ideas from the best hobby bloggers is a great way to improve yourself. Reading hobby blogs from other writers will help you get information on how to write your own hobby blog. You can start by searching through the best hobby bloggers in 2020. These bloggers have enough experience in the hobby blogging field.

Step 7: Build a blog for free

You should not worry about paying for your blog site because WordPress.com lets you have it for free! WordPress.com allows you to publish your blog without spending a cent. The best thing about it is that you can earn money while doing a blog about your hobby!

  1. Go to WordPress.com
  2. Click Get Started and fill up the necessary information.
  3. Pick a name for your website domain and hosting.
  4. Familiarize yourself with WordPress
  5. Customize your website (Choose a theme and design)
  6. Blog sites that have a modern and colorful design tend to attract the audience more. It is better to study the tone of your blog and connect it with colors.
  7. Think of a content

Think of good content to start your hobby blog. You can write something about your favorite hobby, its pros, and cons. It is also a great way to let people get to know you. Bring your best out of your first blog. It will serve as a jumpstart of your blogging journey.

  1. Write your blog

Start your blogging journey! As time passes by, you can consider having your blog hosted. It will help spark up your blog domain. There are many hosts that WordPress.com recommends.

You might consider availing a plan from BlueHosting or Hostinger. These WordPress Hosting will help you have your domain and keep your site from ads.

These are some of the necessary steps to start your hobby blog. You’ll learn more once you begin to browse through WordPress.com.

Earn Money While Doing a Blog

Step 8: Publish your first blog in WordPress

Publishing a blog in your WordPress account is as easy as washing your hands. Here are the steps to publish your hobby blog:

WordPress allows users to save a draft or edit their posts. It also allows users to have a preview of their write-up.

  1. Craft your blog
  2. Finish your write up
  3. Proofread from grammar and content errors
  4. Save a draft
  5. Re-read your blog tone
  6. Publish

It is vital for writers to re-check their write-ups all over again. It helps lessen revisions when the audience starts to read it. You have to give full confidence when writing a blog. It will help you decide on the vocabulary, tone, and content.

Step 9: Earn through your WordPress blog

Earn using your hobby blog by advertising in AdSense. You can also earn by being a marketing affiliate of shopping websites. Shopping websites like Amazon offer to pay to bloggers who help them sell products. Some websites pay bloggers who sell products through blogging sites.

There are many ways on how to earn money by starting your hobby blog:

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Browse thought businesses that offer commissions by referring someone to buy their product. These businesses give you a unique referral link that you should post on your website. This way, customers can use it when they decide to buy a product from a store. You will earn based on the number of customers that used your unique referral link.

Some businesses offer gift cards or other tokens in exchange for your marketing help.

  1. Be an influencer

Once you establish your blog, you can start promoting your brand. Influencers often get paid jobs to speak in public. Influencers talk in front of a broad audience such as seminars and conferences.

You can also get products from being an influencer. Some companies do not only offer money commissions. These companies also provide product supplies to their ambassadors.

  1. Gather businesses that pay for a posted business directory

Businesses also pay bloggers for posting their business directories. Directories add up to customers’ knowledge and reviews.

  1. Offer job listings

You can also earn from posting company job listings on your site. Companies looking for employees choose to advertise their open positions to bloggers. They do this because many readers search for job vacancies through blog sites.

WooCommerce Paid Listings helps you charge clients for when you post job listings.

  1. Sell your products through WordPress

One of the most common ways to earn through WordPress is by selling your product. Use your opportunity to be creative while targeting a market good for your product. You can advertise your product, whether it is physical or digital. Posting advertisements about your product adds up to the interest the audience gets.

First, you can offer your services. Companies can hire you as their writer or proofreader if you are a professional in the field. You can post a list of what you do and tell them that they can hire you. This way, you can get companies’ attention. The last thing that can happen by doing this is ending up in their job pool. A job pool is a list of individuals that the company might get when they need an employee for a specific job.

Offering your services means supplying proofs of transactions and receipts. There are many invoice plugins for WordPress. This way, you can maintain the customer’s loyalty and trust in your service.

  1. Offer Online Course

Online courses also help you earn on your blog sites. You can charge for blogs that contain lessons from your expertise. These blogs give learning to your readers. You can create a lesson plan and materials as a part of the online course.

You can also deliver lessons through templates, slides, and checklists. Many individuals nowadays opt for virtual online learning. These individuals choose virtual learning online because they get more convenience through this.

  1. Conduct a paid webinar

You can arrange webinars based on your blogs that charge the audience. Audiences prefer webinar speakers that cite personal experiences and growth. Many people pay for speakers who instill learning and tips for people on webinars. Creating webinars through your blog site is an ideal way to earn money while writing a hobby blog.

It is the step by step guide you need to earn money while doing a blog of your hobby! These steps will help you have a smooth blogging career jumpstart. You can discover or improve these steps if you can.

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