SquareSpace vs WordPress for blogging

WordPress and Squarespace, both are popular names when it comes to launching a website. While Squarespace is comparatively easy to use and maintain, some people believe that it’s easier to rank websites built on WordPress.

We will cover questions that most people have in this area.

Is there any point in looking for a SquareSpace alternative?

Squarespace costs a monthly fee, starting from $10 a month. A site built by using Squarespace can be more aggressive, more expensive in long run, and also mostly functions as a landing page. eCommerce features are available in costly plans.

WordPress is a bit hard to use and requires regular maintenance, but help is easily available due to its large community. WordPress also offers thousands of plugins that help to achieve almost any kind of functionality like user log-in, eCommerce, and more.

Reasons to use WordPress over SquareSpace

Here are some points in favor of the WordPress.

  1. WordPress is Free and Open-source. You can install it on your own host and you only need to pay for domain and hosting. WordPress core is Free to use and it’s very very powerful.
  2. WordPress is easy to understand: WordPress does have a little learning curve, but once you get a grasp of it, it becomes easier to manage.
  3. WordPress is very flexible and extendible. WordPress core, themes, and plugins can be updated from the WordPress dashboard. The built-in functionality of WordPress can be used by itself while delivering content.
  4. WordPress has thousands of Themes and Plugins options, so there are high chances you can find the design and the functionality that suits you and your business easily.
  5. WordPress sites are known for ranking better compared to SquareSpace.

Reasons to use SquareSpace over WordPress

Here are some points in favor of the SquareSpace.

  1. SquareSpace is very very easy to use. Point and click easy!
  2. SquareSpace is a hosted platform, so you never have to worry about hosting hassles, security, website speed, mobile-friendliness, updates, etc. You can just focus on your content.
  3. SquareSpace offers lots of Themes, not as many as WordPress, but there are plenty.
  4. Higher plans of SquareSpace have the eCommerce functionality too, so you can sell stuff easily.

Pros and cons of squarespace vs wordpress

WordPress is Free, but it requires a little technical knowledge to manage the blog built with it. WordPress sites need regular maintenance as well.

There are thousands of plugins that can help achieve any kind of functionality with WordPress, but this privilege comes at a price of even more overheads of managing the website and some security issues as well.

WordPress comes with many awesome SEO plugins as well, that can help you do keyword research and can help you rank higher.

Squarespace is suitable for simple websites or websites with few products. It’s easy to manage and does not require any maintenance.

Squarespace is hosted platform, comes with a monthly fee ( plans start from $10 monthly ), but it’s worth it because you can just focus on your content and building your brand.

Conclusion: If you are just starting out and you do not have any technical background, I suggest you go with Squarespace at this time, so that you can build your content first, and once it takes off, you can think to switch to WordPress. We also collected a list of WordPress themes that can make your website look like Squarespace sites.

If you are a little experienced, do not mind extra overheads of managing, or require specific functionalities, you can go with WordPress.