How to delete lines from a resume template

The first step to removing a horizontal line from a resume template is to find it. Many templates are set up using invisible tables. To remove a line, you can either double-click on it or hold. You can also choose the size of the table which can push part of the table onto the next page.

If you’re able to select the horizontal line, you’ll see a small drop-down menu that will let you remove the line and write your text. Next, find the table you want to delete and change its color. Most templates have invisible table borders.

To remove all the lines from the table, go to the borders tab and click the none button. If you want to make the entire table transparent, select the bold all before colon option. This will force part of the table to appear on the next page.

The next step in removing the lines from the table is to shrink the resume. To do this, you should first choose the appropriate formatting style. This will help your resume stand out. You can also use a table in your CV or cover letter.