How To Copy A Section Using Squarespace

How to Duplicate a Section in Squarespace

If you want to duplicate a section of your website, here’s how. First, log in to Squarespace. Next, click the Pages tab and hover over the layout page. Scroll down until you see the option “Duplicate.” Confirm the option and you’re done. You’ll now have a duplicated page with the same URL. This is easy! Then, you can rename the page to make it match the new URL.

The first step in duplicating a section is to create a new page. The second step is to edit and delete the original page. Once you’ve created the page, go back and add the url from the original. Otherwise, Squarespace won’t let the duplicated page share the same url. You can also change the layout of the page after it is duplicated. If you’re happy with the new layout, click “Publish” and save your changes.

Once you’ve uploaded your content, click “Add to Collection” at the top of the page. The new section will look like a copy of the original. The blocks and layout will be the same, and the images and settings will be the same. If you want to change the title of the new section, go to its settings and make any necessary changes. When you’re done, click “Create Copy” and it will appear as a duplicate page in Squarespace.