Squarespace: How To Edit Shopping Cart Page

How to Edit Shopping Cart Page on Squarespace

One of the best features of Squarespace is its ability to customize the shopping cart page. If your website does not come with one already, this is a great way to add your own touch and make your page more unique. With a little bit of code, you can add your own design elements and even change the color of the product images. The following article will walk you through how to change the appearance of your Squarespace Shopping Cart page.

To change the style of the “Shopping Cart” text, you need to use the Snipcart tool. You can change the color of the buttons and the background of the header. It is also possible to change the size of the buttons and the size of the text. However, you cannot edit the font on the shopping cart page. If you do not want the font to be smaller, then you have to switch to the default font, which Squarespace uses.

Once you’ve installed Snipcart, you can paste the code into the header section of your Squarespace site. You can add Snipcart products by using the ‘Code Block’ function, located in the Design tab. Click where you want the buy button to appear, and paste the snipcart code into the editor. You’ll need to save and reload the page to see the new settings.