How To Make A Squarespace Blog

To make a Squarespace blog, you can follow these general steps: Choose a Squarespace template that is designed to showcase blogs or add a blog page to an existing Squarespace website (source: Squarespace Help Center, Squarespace, Squarespace, Making That Website, Paige Brunton). Create a new blog post by clicking the Plus icon (+) in the … Read more

How To Create A Drop-down Menu In Squarespace

To create a drop-down menu in Squarespace, you can use folders to group pages together. First, add a new page by clicking the “+” in the top right-hand corner of your navigation. When the pop-up appears with different page types, select “Folder” and rename it to your desired drop-down title. Then, drag pages into the … Read more

How to Embed a PDF in Squarespace: Easy and Clear Guide

Embedding a PDF in Squarespace can be a valuable feature for your website, allowing your visitors to easily access important content, such as guides, documents, and forms. However, the process might seem a bit challenging for some users, as Squarespace doesn’t directly provide an embed block for PDFs. Fear not, because we’re here to help … Read more