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A comic page template psd is a layout design for an entire page of comics. The will include header, footer, and sidebars. It will help you create the ideal comic page layout in no time.

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Your Comic Book – Download Review

Your Comic Book


A Comic Book template that includes 12 Smart pages templates and speech bubbles shapes. It simply places your images into the PSD templates to instantly get the comic book effect. It is ready to print. The templates use two free fonts.

This is all you will need for making your comic book. This package includes 12 PSD Page templates (Adobe Photoshop format) that include the front and back cover pages. They are A5 (14.8 x 21 cm).

You can open a Photoshop page template and insert your images into the frames. You can instantly apply the halftone comic effect to your photos or you may choose not to have it applied. You can download below 17 speech bubbles from your download and add them to pages.

Once you have edited each page, click on the Printer Spread button and create a printer spread. Then, print your comic book with each printed book having 12 pages including the covers. There is information about the fonts in the templates.

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Comic Book Creator – Download Review

Comic Book Creator


A comic book creator template with 25 templates in a package. It also includes 25 B&W and 25 color versions. You can also edit the Smart object to add 57 bubbles and 12 sound effects. Your book template can be customized with sound effects and bubbles. You will also receive something.

A template for use by one client in a single end product for end-users. The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee. The last update and published month are May. It has a high resolution with layers, graphics, files included, and Photoshop PSD.

It has a minimum Adobe CS Version with print dimensions of 5.8 x 8.2, also has cartoon effect, comic background, book creator, effect, filter, elements, layout, strip template, texture, and book photoshop. All you need to do is to pick a template, place your photos into the frame smart objects, and you’ll get a nice comic look.

It also included above 57 bubbles and 12 sound effects which you can edit via smart object. You can add bubbles and sound effects to your book templates. You will get 30 comic book styles (.asl), 40 patterns (.pat), above 57 shapes (.csh) + 2 psd files.

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A Complete Comic Creation – Review 

A Complete Comic Creation Pack


This complete pack will allow you to quickly and easily create your comics. You can make comics online or print using vectors. It has an in-design CS3 with 50 grid-based comic layout templates.

It has multiple combinations of callouts (includes how-to tutorial page). It includes a variety of comic stars and blobs with 15 graphic style options for speech bubbles. It involves above 7 styles for panels and above 7 graphic styles to caption boxes.

There are also fonts used as a Comic Sans MS, Arial family, Photoshop CS4, 12 layer styles that are available for the title. It includes 8 actions that can be used to apply the layer style or text warp file and .asl files have been included.

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ComicBook Creation Kit – Download Review

ComicBook Creation Kit


A comic book creation template with 50 page layout, below 7 frames, images, content information that help people give ideas to learn, laugh with creation about Photoshop and other related facts.

A template for use by one client in a single end product for end-users. The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee. It has license details from Envato. It contains frame below 7 frames or more that is customizable.

The model has the last update and was published in May. It contains high resolution with layers, graphics files included, Photoshop PSD, pixel dimensions of 1753 x 2480 and 14.8 x 21. It contains comic strips, books, dots, effects, halftone, layout, page, and details.

It involves 50-page templates (A5 size) and sound effects (two types for White background) with PSD files. It has 4 action effects in one. There is also an ATN file with 45 shapes in one, a CSH file with 4 styles. Also, has a helpfile with free font used.

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Torn Comic Photo Template – Review 

Torn Comic Photo Template


A Torn Comic Photo template with this photo template, you can easily turn any of your favorite photos into comics. You can quickly create your comic gallery or one for clients. You can get amazing results with all kinds of photos.

You can create multiple pages to showcase your work. It involves the usage of the font-related to a comic book. A usage of mock-up with model photos not included in download. You can take your time and remember to rate the item when you purchase it.

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Retro Comic Book Photoshop – Review 

Retro Comic Book Photoshop Action Kit


A Retro Comic Book Photoshop Action Kit template. It transforms your photos into hand-drawn comic books in just minutes. This script has been carefully designed to provide a more enjoyable user experience. You can mix and match different styles to make your very own composition.

It can be run on any image and it will take care of the rest. It includes Photoshop (CS3 and newer) which is all you need. The kit includes 15 Vector speech bubbles and 12 comic sound effects. Vector graphics are used for all comic elements.

It also comes with 5 comic book frame templates as well as 2 premium comic book Mockup templates. This action can also be used in any language other than Photoshop. A retro comic book kit with covers on all pages.

This Photoshop Action kit will save you hours and increase your productivity. You can customize all elements created by the action after it is finished. In just a few mouse clicks, you can modify the generated sketches and comic elements or turn it into a comic book of art.

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Retro Comic Pack – Download Review


A template for use by one client in a single end product for end-users. The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee. It has the last update and was published in September.

It has a high resolution with layers, graphics, files included, Photoshop PSD, transparent PNG, AI Illustrator, Minimum Adobe CS Version, pixel dimensions above 2557 x 3300 with print dimensions of 14 x 18. Also contains cartoons, classics, illustrations, layout, and a magazine mockup.

It has newsprint with photoshop action, retro comic book, template, a vintage that is a fun and easy way to transform your photos or illustration into 80’s comic book format. You can use the activity independently or use the layout pack provided.

This pack is very flexible and easy to use. It includes below 7 comic books layered PSD, 3 retro action, EPS, and PNG talk. Also, it contains 1 view comic book mockup and a Help file.

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