Squarespace: How To Add Text To A Gallery

The image collage block in Squarespace is an excellent option if you want to include some text with your images. It offers space for captions, a button, and image attribution. You can change the font and color of the block in the DESIGN tab and choose from the palette of colors. To make the gallery look its best, you need to use the correct dimensions for the images you use. To do this, you should use a size of at least 1,500 pixels wide. You can also specify the image filename in the caption area. You should not worry about the PPI or DPI of your images unless you’re using Squarespace.

In addition to adding captions and text, you can also use Squarespace’s Image Stack Block to combine text and visual elements. You can use this block to place an image in a section. You can copy the image block from your blog post and paste it in the appropriate location in the gallery. You can also change the color of the text using the Site Styles feature. You need to use an Image Block to insert an image, and you can use as many as three or four.

When putting images on your Squarespace site, you should remember that you have a 20-MB limit for each image. You should use a 500-KB file size. The font should be clear and legible. If you need to use text, you can add it to the image’s Filename. The size of the image must be under 500 KB. The caption will display on the primary page.