How Do You Mount Window Murals?

How to Install Window Wall Murals

Before you can start installing the wall mural, it is important to clean the window first. You can do this with a damp cloth. Make sure the wall is clean and dry. Once you’ve finished cleaning, apply the adhesive to the wall. This will help you apply the mural properly. Once you’ve applied the adhesive, you’ll need to follow the instructions that came with your wall mural. If you have trouble installing the mural, contact the manufacturer for more information.

Glue the mural onto the wall. Glue will help you apply it evenly. To apply the mural, measure the width of the window from bottom to top. When you’ve measured the width, use a ruler to cut the mural into the proper size. Then, apply the gold leaf. Trim the extra material on the side of the window and door with a ceramic utility knife. Ensure to trim the wallpaper at the light switch and outlets.

Once the mural is cut to the right size, it is time to apply the adhesive. Start by peeling the backing paper off the first panel. Then, align the right edge of the panel with the vertical line. Repeat this step with the next panel. Remember to smooth the mural out as you go, and you should be set. You can now hang the window wall mural. The process should take no more than 20 minutes!