How To Create Wall Murals

How to Make Wall Murals

Learning how to make wall murals is easier than you think. The first step in creating a stunning wall art piece is to purchase the right paint for the job. If the wall is rough, you may want to prepare it by sanding it or patching. You may also want to sketch the image you want to use on the wall. In this video, Kaelah demonstrates how to create a mural using tape. She used glitter to add to the effect and drew a grid on paper. Regular pencils can show through the mural paint, so you should buy special artist-grade paint or draw with watercolor pencils.

Once you’ve chosen a paint color, you’ll want to make sure the surface is clean and free of structural problems and moisture damage. You can spackle a cracked wall but keep an eye out for underlying structural problems. Then, you’ll want to clean the surface of any contaminants. The underlying cause of mold and mildew is usually the culprit of these conditions, so you’ll need to remove it completely with a mild soap solution.

Once you’ve chosen the paint color, you’ll need to prepare the wall. First, you’ll need a good primer and paint. A good primer will help the mural adhere to the wall. Then, you can start painting. This can take a few days. If you’re using a paste-up mural, you can even make your mural last a lifetime if you follow the instructions carefully.