How To Get Rid Of Wall Murals

How to Remove Wall Murals

If you’ve got a new mural on your wall and you’d like to remove it, you can follow these steps for removing murals. The first step in removing a wall mural is to determine whether it is a wallpaper mural or a vinyl decal. Vinyl decals are usually painted to match the color of the walls. These are easy to remove by carefully peeling them off with a putty knife.

Once you’ve figured out which type of mural you have, you’ll need to use a scoring tool to perforate the mural so that it can soak up the wet solution. A solution that is sold in the wallpaper aisle of your local home improvement store contains a mixture of hot water and fabric softener. Add a full cap to the mixture and let it sit for two to three minutes until the glue adheres to the walls. When the solution is saturated, the mural should come off easily. Be sure to avoid electrical outlets or anything else you don’t want to damage the walls.

If the mural is a SmartStick(r) material, you can remove it by scraping it from top to bottom. If it’s a vinyl HD or Eco Bella(tm) material, you can remove it by pulling from one edge. When you’ve removed the mural, you’ll need to clean the surface thoroughly with a damp sponge. The wall is now ready to be painted or to have a new wallpaper mural installed.