How To Install Large Murals On Walls

Tips to Apply Large Wall Murals

There are several tips to apply a large wall mural. First, you need to prepare the wall thoroughly. This includes cleaning the walls, sanding them, and making sure that the surface is smooth. Ensure that the surface is free of bumps and dents, but it is also important to remove any loose paint or flaking wallpaper. Unroll the mural and then roll it back until you are ready to apply it.

Then, take the first panel and line it up so that the horizontal and vertical lines are aligned. Then, peel off the backing paper and apply the mural to the wall. Make sure that the mural is straight and level. Once the painting is done, you can reposition it by peeling it off the wall and smoothing it as you go. You can even use a spirit level and extra paper to make sure that the mural is applied properly.

The next step is to lay out the panels carefully, leaving enough room between them to ensure a good fit. Once the murals are ready, you should use a cellulose sponge to remove any excess adhesive. When you’re applying them to baseboards or ceilings, you should take note of any gaps or openings in the walls, and note these areas in the installation guide. If the murals are multi-panel, you need to take special care when lining them up. Remember to avoid butting the seams. You can place the panels so that their edges touch.