What Tools Do You Use To Draw Murals On Walls?

How to Sketch Murals on Walls

A mural sketch requires a strong concept and preliminary sketches. It’s best to practice on a small scale first before you scale the mural up. You also need a large selection of paints and brushes, as well as a projector, to transfer the rough sketch to the final painting. If the mural is going to be exposed to the sun, make sure to use UV-resistant paints.

For your first mural, an art store brush will be enough. They’re sturdy and can be reused. For rags, paper towels and takeout napkins are good options. You can even use a t-shirt. You’ll be able to re-use these once the paint is dry. It’s important to keep a large selection of these to prevent any paint from bleeding onto the walls.

The second option is to use a stencil. This will allow you to start with a basic outline of the mural. For example, a stencil of an alligator will be useful. You can remove the stencil and paint in details. Once you’ve started, you’ll be able to see if your drawing is coming out right or not. It’s important to get your colors right in the beginning, because mistakes can add up.