Where To Print Murals For Walls

Where to Print Wall Murals

When you are looking for a place to print wall murals, you need to know a few things. Before you decide to print a mural, you need to figure out where you want to put it. Ideally, your final design should have a resolution of about 100 to 200 dots per inch. Anything higher or lower will result in images that are not as sharp as you want them to be. You can also look for a large format printing company that has its own graphic design team.

Some of these companies specialize in large murals and will do the work for you. However, others are more focused on short-term display and will offer a longer term solution. A large-format printer can produce a floor-to-ceiling photo mural. These companies offer flexible options, which allow for virtually any kind of print to be made-to-order. You can also choose to have them printed on a heavyweight paper-backed vinyl or a quality medium-weight paper. The quality of these materials will vary, but a quality flatbed printer will guarantee that the product will be durable.

You can also order individual tiles and arrange them on a wall. These can be used for custom layouts and are perfect for a business setting. A wall mural printed on this medium can be installed in a business or on a large surface like a garage. Both types of printing methods support individual finishes. Most of these murals are printed with eco-friendly UV cured inks and are washable. Most printers also provide the option to make custom murals for any room in your home.