Who Paints Murals On Walls In Southern Pines, Nc

Local Artist Who Paints Wall Murals in Southern Pines NC

Mary Wright is a local artist and has painted more than 150 wall murals in Moore County, NC. She has painted in many elementary schools and middle schools. She hopes to paint more in high schools in the area. She uses her dragonfly signature stamp when she creates murals. She has been painting wall murals for almost 18 years, and is proud to share her talents with her community.

Nurkin is a professional mural artist and a music fan. He often thought of painting murals in towns where he had grew up. She had been imagining her mural for about 10 years and had been working toward it for several years. She teamed up with local music festival founder Greg Lowenhagen to begin pitching her idea to various municipalities. They received a lot of support for the project.

Nurkin started The Mural Shop in 2004, where she designs large-scale illustrations for clients throughout the state. The business is also a venue for her to exhibit her work. Nurkin has created more than 400 wall murals for various types of clientele, including businesses and professional sports teams. She said the project is an important part of her life and has a positive impact on the community in Moore County.