How To Make Anchor Links In Squarespace

To create anchor links in Squarespace, there are several methods available. One way is to use the built-in Index Page anchor links feature in Squarespace version 7.0 (source: Squarespace Help Center). Another way is to use a Squarespace extension like Squarespace ID Finder (source: Local Creative). For more advanced users, basic code can be used to create anchor links on regular Blank Pages (source: Big Cat Creative).

Additional Information – How To Make Anchor Links In Squarespace

You might be wondering how to create anchor links in Squarespace. Fortunately, it is incredibly easy and can be done from Blank Pages. In fact, anchor links are especially helpful on Index pages. These pages are long and usually broken down into sections. By using an anchored link, users can scroll to a specific section of the page. Luckily, this type of link does not require any special code, so you don’t need to write any.

The first step in creating an anchor link is to select the appropriate link. A custom URL is the most common method of creating a link. A short URL, such as “”, is used in Google search results, which is the most effective. In addition, Anchor links are highly visible on a page, so people will have a much easier time finding them. However, you should note that you can only use your own URL if you’re using Squarespace.

Next, you need to choose a keyword or phrase for the anchor-name. This is important for SEO purposes. Make sure to include all the punctuation! Then, use the code block to create an anchor link. You can also add the anchor-name to the navigation, buttons, and images. Creating an anchored link isn’t difficult, but you should remember that it’s only useful within Squarespace. If you want to use it on another website, you should always share the whole URL.