How To Remove A Site From Squarespace

To remove a site from Squarespace, you can log in to your Squarespace account and go to the Settings panel. In the Site Management section, click Delete Site. You’ll see a warning message letting you know that once you delete your site, it cannot be recovered. If you’re sure you want to delete your site, click Confirm. Your site will be deleted immediately (source: Note that Billing permissions don’t include the ability to edit the site’s content, but deleting a Squarespace domain is also possible (source: Squarespace Help Center).

Additional Information – How To Remove A Site From Squarespace

If you are wondering how to delete a website on Squarespace, it can be easy and convenient. The simplest way to do so is by hovering over the bin icon at the top-right corner of your site. Clicking the x will make the site unpublished. However, if you do not want your website to be public, you can choose to make it private by setting a site-wide password.

The process is a simple one. Once you have deleted your website, you can cancel your account. If you are still on a free trial, you can delete your content and subscriptions, including invoices. You can also choose to cancel your free trial. Once you have canceled your subscription, you will be able to access your site again. If you do not wish to continue using Squarespace, you can cancel your subscription and delete your website.

In case you need to change your mind, you can also delete your site. You can still keep your content and layouts, if you have created them using the LayoutEngine. If you want to get rid of your website and keep the subscription, you can always try deleting it in the same way. Alternatively, you can simply choose to cancel your subscription and delete the website. Then, simply go to your Dashboard and select the settings you want to remove.