How Much Are Wall Murals By Susan Harter?

How Expensive Are Susan Harter Wall Murals?

As the owner of a Port Townsend studio, you may be wondering: how much do Susan Harter wall murals cost? The artist paints custom wall murals and can create unique murals for any space, from bedrooms to dining rooms. She’s over six feet tall, so she doesn’t need a ladder to complete the work. But that doesn’t mean she’s cheap. She’s earned her reputation by meticulously painting each wall, ensuring a perfect fit, and maintaining a high quality level.

As the name suggests, Susan Harter’s murals are incredibly detailed. They are a great choice for living rooms or bedrooms and can be customized to fit any room. Her beautiful work is a great way to add some personality to your space. The murals are custom-tailored to fit any room, and each mural is hand-painted by her team. You can even get a piece just for your office or home, too!

Murals by Susan Harter are custom-made to your measurements. They’re printed on canvas using archival inks for durability and longevity. And because each one is unique, you can try them out without any financial risk. They are available for purchase online or from an interior designer. With a custom mural, you can have your design created by an expert in your space. It’s easy to customize and make it your own.