How To Install Multiple Ceramic Murals Onto A Wall

How to Place Multiple Ceramic Murals on a Wall

Once you have purchased your ceramic murals, you can begin the process of hanging them. To hang the pieces, two people will need to mark the location of four anchor holes in the wall. These holes should be large enough to accommodate the anchors. Next, use the butterfly anchors to hold each tile in place. These are heavy, so they must be secured into a stud in the wall.

When you are planning to install your ceramic murals on a wall, you should determine the exact location of the desired mural. Once you have the perfect location chosen, mark the center of the tile with a pencil. Then, use a notched trowel to apply mastic to the back of each tile. Once the tiles are evenly covered with mortar, use a grout knife to scrape away the excess material. When applying the tiles, be sure to use the right amount of mortar. The tiles should be at least 3/8th inch thick.

When selecting the right materials for your mural, ensure that the artist provides an instruction manual for proper care. These instructions should include material types and colors. When choosing the materials for your mosaic mural, be sure to find out who will be doing the installation. You can always go with a professional tile installer if you don’t have experience with this type of work. Then, carefully measure your wall.