How To Illuminate Wall Murals

How to Light Wall Murals

If you’re wondering how to light wall murals, it’s important to know the colors of natural lighting. Western and southern lights are yellow and warm, and will cause the wallpaper to look washed out. For darker rooms, wallpaper with cool-toned colors will make the wallpaper more realistic, but high-saturated colors may make the wallpaper appear dull. Use cool-toned designs in rooms with abundant natural light.

When installing large wall murals, a professional will use a laser level to ensure that the mural’s color reproduction is perfect. The content must be seamless and join seamlessly between panels, even if the walls are irregular. A professional will prepare the artwork panels for optimal installation, printing level lines and alignment marks and labeling each panel in the sequence of installation. Reference prints are also available to ensure proper installation. A light source with dimmers can be used if the wallpaper is large enough.

Having a wall mural in a room with an uneven surface can be challenging. You need to make sure the colors match and the content is seamless. It can take all day to install a large series of wall murals, so hiring a professional is recommended. A professional will be able to help you with the process, including providing a laser level and other tools. A permanent wallpaper requires a separate paste, which makes it more durable. Using a professional artist for installation is best because it helps you get the exact color reproduction you’re looking for.