How To Paint Wall Murals With Clean Edges

How to Paint Clean Edges on Wall Murals

One of the first things that you need to know about painting wall murals is how to paint clean edges. The edges of the mural are the most important part. This is the area that will be covered by the paint and should be completely smooth. If the wall has cracks, you should first repair them before you continue. You should also be aware of any underlying structural issues that might need to be addressed. Finally, you need to remove any contaminants from the walls. If you don’t remove the source of these contaminants, the mold or mildew will return and look ugly.

Before you begin painting, you should cover all surfaces with painter’s tape or drop cloths. Using canvas drop cloths is the best option because it won’t let the paint seep through. An old sheet isn’t going to cut it. It is important to keep the walls clean because this will help the paint adhere to the surface better. You can use soapy water and a sponge to clean the walls.

If you’re using old house paint, you may need to sand the edges before painting them. You may need to use fine grit sandpaper to remove any bumps in the paint. The technique that you choose will depend on the type of paint and the surface that the mural is painted on. With good technique, you’ll be able to paint clean edges with any type of paint.