Who Makes Murals Using Photos?

The Process of Creating Wall Murals From Photos

The process of designing a wall mural starts with the images and text you’d like to include in the final design. You’ll need to submit these to a graphic design studio, which will translate your design into the printed panel. Then, you’ll need to upload your images and texts so the team can convert them into a suitable format. After you’ve provided the file formats, they will begin to work on the design.

When submitting your photo for a wall mural, you’ll want to ensure that the resolution is high enough. The final design should be between 100 and 200 dots per inch, but anything higher or lower could result in bleed-type images. The final resolution should be as high as possible, but you can’t be too high or too low. A lower resolution might make your image look grainy, but a higher resolution will have fewer problems.

After uploading your photo, you can choose the resolution. The final resolution should be between 100 and 200 dots per inch. Any higher or lower resolutions could compromise the quality. You’ll also have to worry about bleed-type images, so be sure to check the resolution before making the final decision. You’ll be glad you did. However, the process of creating a wall mural may be difficult if you’re not familiar with the process of digital painting.