How To Replace An Image In Squarespace

The first step in learning how to replace an image on Squarespace is to understand the underlying structure of the platform. The editor is a drag-and-drop tool for website builders that allows users to change the size of images, headers, and background colors. This is the fastest and most convenient way to update the imagery on your website without leaving the Squarespace platform. In order to use the image editor, simply add an image block to your page, upload the desired photo, and click the resize icon on the bottom right of the editor. Once you have made the necessary changes, click the resize icon.

Next, open up the image editor in Squarespace. Select the image you wish to edit. Typically, the editor will only let you change the size of the image, but you can change the alt text. For best results, include keywords in the alt text. This will help improve the SEO of your site. If your website is targeted to a specific audience, including those with disabilities, it’s important to include descriptive alt texts in the image.

To change the image’s alt text, visit the Squarespace editor and find an option for this. You can adjust the margin and the number -80, and change the size and positioning of your image. The resulting image will look better on your page, and you’ll be able to add custom effects in a snap. And finally, don’t forget to edit the image’s title if necessary.