How Many Websites Can I Have on Squarespace: A Concise Guide

Squarespace has become a popular platform for building and managing websites due to its user-friendly interface and beautiful templates. Many people wonder if it’s possible to have multiple websites on Squarespace as their businesses or projects grow. The good news is, yes, you can have multiple websites with Squarespace, and managing them from a single account is quite simple.

Having multiple websites on Squarespace allows you to cater to different brands or purposes while maintaining a consistent user experience. This is especially useful for businesses with various brands, or individuals who want to create separate portfolios for different areas of expertise. With Squarespace, you can manage all of your websites from one central dashboard, making it easy to switch between and keep track of your various online presences.

Understanding Squarespace’s Functionality

At its core, Squarespace is a user-friendly website building platform that allows us to create stunning and fully customizable websites without needing to write a single line of code. With a vast selection of templates and a comprehensive set of design tools, Squarespace enables us to build websites that truly represent our brand, business, or personal online presence.

One of the most common questions surrounding Squarespace is the number of websites we can have on a single account. The good news is, we can have up to 20 websites on one Squarespace account. This flexibility allows us to manage multiple brands, businesses, or personal projects from one central location.

Each website within our Squarespace account can also have its own unique plan at any level. This means that we can have one website on a personal plan and another on an eCommerce plan, or any other combination according to our needs. Each website can have up to 1,000 pages, giving us ample room to build and grow our online presence.

Squarespace’s advanced features and functionality make it a popular choice for businesses and individual users alike. Whether we are just starting out or managing an established online presence, Squarespace offers a variety of tools to help us succeed in our website-building endeavors.

Multiple Websites on Single Account

As web developers and business owners, we have great news for those looking to create multiple websites using Squarespace. It is indeed possible to manage multiple websites under a single account. This approach not only streamlines your workload but also is cost-effective, as you need to pay for a single subscription to access all of Squarespace’s features and templates.

However, be aware that there might be some limitations when having multiple websites on one account. For instance, if you need more than 20 websites, you might have to contact Squarespace’s support team to discuss your options.

Creating multiple websites on Squarespace is quite an easy process, and you can manage them all from a central dashboard. This feature is quite beneficial for businesses with multiple brands or those who want to experiment with various website styles.

However, keep in mind that each Squarespace account can only host one website. This means that if you want to have multiple websites, you will need separate accounts for each one. Additionally, each Squarespace account comes with its own unique domain name, which means you cannot use the same domain for multiple websites.

In conclusion, Squarespace is a flexible platform that allows users to create and manage multiple websites under a single account while enjoying its features and premium templates. This option is perfect for businesses aiming to maintain multiple brands or experiment with diverse web designs. Just be mindful of the limitations and requirements in order to optimize your Squarespace experience.

Creating a New Website

Choosing a Template

When we decide to create multiple websites on Squarespace, the first step is selecting a template. Squarespace offers a wide variety of professionally designed templates to choose from, catering to various industries and purposes. It’s essential to pick a template that aligns with the objectives and aesthetics of our new website.

To select a template, we can explore the different categories available on Squarespace, such as business, portfolio, blog, or online store. We can preview each template and use the demo feature to see how it might look with our content.

Adding Your Content

Once we have chosen a template, adding content to our new Squarespace website is the next step. We can customize our site using the intuitive drag and drop editing tools provided by the platform.

To create new pages or subpages, we can follow the steps provided in this tutorial. We can add images, text, videos, and other elements to bring our website to life.

To keep the website organized and easy to navigate, it is essential to structure the content thoughtfully. We can use various formatting elements, such as tables, bullet points, and bold text, to present information clearly and concisely.

By selecting the right template and customizing it with our unique content, we can create a functional and visually appealing website on Squarespace.

Website Management

Domain Management

Managing domains on Squarespace is quite straightforward. To better control your domain name, you can use the platform’s built-in tools. When working with domains, it’s essential to ensure that they point to the correct website on your account, especially when managing multiple Squarespace sites. You can modify the date of a blog post if needed to improve the organization of your content.

Website Customization

We believe that customizing your Squarespace website should be an enjoyable and efficient process. Squarespace provides a plethora of options for website customization, from choosing templates to altering the site layout and appearance. With these tools at your disposal, you can make your website truly unique and engaging for visitors. Additionally, if you need to add a PDF to your website, Squarespace has a simple process for this as well.

By leveraging the domain management and website customization tools available on Squarespace, users can effectively manage various aspects of their websites with confidence and ease.

Subscription and Billing

Squarespace offers various subscription plans to meet different needs and requirements. For each website you want to create, you’ll need to purchase a separate subscription plan since all Squarespace products are priced and purchased independently. Upgrades and downgrades cannot be applied to individual products within a plan; instead, the entire plan must be upgraded or downgraded.

It’s important to note that each Squarespace website is billed separately and any changes made to your subscription will only apply to the specific site in question. You should also be aware of the limitations when managing multiple websites on a single Squarespace account. For instance, you can have up to 20 websites on a single Squarespace account, and if you require more, it’s best to contact the support team to discuss your options.

As for billing permissions, they are limited and don’t include the ability to edit the site’s content. If you need more control over content management, it’s suggested to create separate websites with the necessary editing capabilities. Additionally, if you’re planning on accepting pre-orders on your Squarespace website, there isn’t a direct way for product pre-orders specifically, but you can explore alternative methods such as using different product status as detailed in this third-party tutorial.

In summary, managing subscriptions and billing for multiple websites on Squarespace requires an understanding of their separate plans, billing policies, and limitations. Be sure to choose the appropriate plans and configurations to suit your needs, and reach out to Squarespace support if you require assistance or further customization.

Transferring and Deleting Websites

When managing multiple sites on Squarespace, it’s essential to understand how to transfer and delete websites. At times, you may need to consolidate content or move a specific section to another site. In this section, we’ll discuss how to transfer and delete websites on Squarespace effectively.

To transfer content between Squarespace sites, there isn’t a direct import/export option available. Instead, you will need to manually copy text, download images, and write down links from one site and apply them to the new pages on the other site. This process can be time-consuming, but it ensures a smooth transition of the content you’d like to move.

While consolidating websites, you might also need to change site ownership in certain situations. Squarespace allows you to change site ownership through account settings. It’s essential to note that billing permissions don’t include the ability to edit a site’s content.

Finally, if you decide to delete a site altogether, Squarespace provides a straightforward process. To delete your site and its content, navigate to Settings, Billing & Account, and then Delete Site. This option will permanently delete your site and its content, so make sure you have saved and transferred any data you want to keep before proceeding.

Exploring Multiple Web Styles

Squarespace is a versatile platform that allows us to experiment with different website styles to create the perfect online presence for our brand or business. One of the reasons Squarespace has gained popularity is its variety of templates and designs that cater to a wide range of industries and needs.

When building a website, it’s essential to choose a style that resonates with our target audience and reflects the image we want to portray. By exploring various website styles on Squarespace, we can identify the best layout, typography, and color scheme that suit our brand. This platform’s flexibility allows us to experiment and make changes as needed, ensuring our website remains fresh and engaging.

Another advantage of using Squarespace is the availability of numerous design templates made specifically for different purposes. For example, there are templates catered to photographers, videographers, and artists, with design features focused on showcasing visual content. With the extensive range of template offerings, we can experiment with different website styles to make sure our online presence is attractive to our target audience and effectively conveys our message.

To make the most out of our Squarespace experience, it’s essential to keep up-to-date with the latest design trends and learn how to adapt them to our website. Checking out resources like the best Squarespace templates for photographers in 2021 can help us stay informed about new design ideas and inspirations, ensuring we’re always creating a stylish and up-to-date website.

In conclusion, experimenting with different website styles on Squarespace allows us to find the perfect design for our online presence. By understanding our audience’s preferences and staying informed about design trends, we can create a website that represents our brand effectively and captures the attention of our visitors.

Understanding Website Hosting

As a hosting provider, Squarespace offers various website hosting options to cater to different needs. Whether you’re running a small business, managing a blog, or showcasing your portfolio, we aim to provide you with the right web hosting features that suit your requirements.

When considering the number of websites you can have on Squarespace, it’s important to understand that each account can host one website. However, if you need more, you can sign up for multiple accounts. For businesses with multiple brands or individuals wanting to experiment with different styles, this offers a flexible solution. Squarespace allows you to manage up to three websites on a single account, making it easy for you to oversee all of your ventures from one central dashboard1.

Web hosting plays a crucial role in determining your website’s performance, reliability, and security. With Squarespace, you can count on our robust hosting infrastructure to keep your websites running smoothly. We provide a secure environment for your online presence, ensuring that any sensitive information remains protected.

Moreover, we offer a variety of hosting plans to accommodate different budgets and requirements. With our flexible pricing options, you can choose a plan that best fits your needs without breaking the bank. As your website grows, you also have the option to upgrade your plan to one that offers more features and resources.

In summary, Squarespace is a reliable hosting provider that enables you to create and manage multiple websites effortlessly. Our comprehensive web hosting solutions are designed to cater to various needs and ensure your online projects are well-supported and scalable.

Separate Accounts Vs. One Account

When it comes to managing multiple websites on Squarespace, you have two options: creating separate accounts for each website or having one account for all your sites.

Using separate accounts for each website is beneficial if you need more individualized control over the settings and customization for each site. With this approach, each website can have its own unique domain name and subscription plan, ensuring each site meets its specific requirements. However, managing multiple Squarespace accounts can be time-consuming, as you need to log in and out of different accounts to make updates and changes.

On the other hand, having one Squarespace account for all your websites is more convenient for managing multiple sites simultaneously. With this option, you can have up to 20 websites under a single account, and contacting support becomes simpler, as you only need to go through one account. However, you should be aware of certain limitations, such as the inability to use the same domain name for multiple websites and the need to share one subscription plan for all sites.

To determine which option is best for you, consider factors such as the number of websites you need to manage, the level of customization they require, and how much time you’re willing to dedicate to managing your websites. Ultimately, your choice should align with your unique needs and goals for each website.

Unveiling Unique Domain Names

When it comes to managing multiple websites on Squarespace, it’s essential to understand the importance of unique domain names. Each website created on the Squarespace platform requires its own domain name to represent its distinct online identity.

As a Squarespace user, you have the flexibility to manage multiple domains under a single account, allowing you to efficiently oversee your online presence for each website. However, it’s important to keep in mind that each domain name must be unique and cannot be used for multiple Squarespace websites.

We encourage you to choose domain names carefully, as they play a crucial role in your website’s SEO, branding, and overall online presence. With Squarespace, you can create up to 20 websites on a single account, allowing you to cater to various projects, business ventures, or personal interests. If you have plans for more than 20 websites, be sure to contact the support team to discuss your options.

In conclusion, navigating the world of unique domain names and managing multiple websites on Squarespace can be a breeze when you’re well-informed. Armed with this knowledge, you can confidently create, manage, and elevate your online presence using the exceptional features and versatility offered by the Squarespace platform.

Effective Website Marketing

In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for any business. With Squarespace, we can create multiple websites to cater to different aspects of our business or for various brands. But simply having a website is not enough; we must also employ effective website marketing strategies to increase visibility, drive traffic, and boost conversions.

As we build our websites on Squarespace, we should focus on creating user-centered design and compelling content. This ensures our visitors have a seamless experience while browsing our websites. In addition, optimizing the website for search engines through search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, such as using relevant keywords and meta descriptions, helps potential customers find our websites on search engines like Google and Bing.

To further strengthen our online presence, we should actively engage on social media platforms. Sharing valuable content, running ads, and interacting with our audience helps us build a relationship with potential customers. By reaching out to our target market through various channels, we increase our chances of driving more traffic to our websites.

Email marketing is another effective tool for promoting our websites and the products or services we offer. By maintaining a mailing list, we can send personalized content, engage with our subscribers, and convert prospects into customers. Email campaigns also help us to keep our audience informed about the latest news and offerings.

Lastly, we should continuously analyze the performance of our websites with analytics tools such as Google Analytics. This helps us identify areas that need improvement, as well as which marketing strategies are yielding the desired results. By refining our marketing tactics based on data-driven insights, we can ensure that our websites continue to grow and succeed.

Dealing with Potential Issues

When managing multiple websites on Squarespace, it’s not uncommon to encounter some issues or challenges. In this section, we will discuss some potential problems and how to address them effectively.

One common concern when creating multiple websites on Squarespace is dealing with the unique domain name for each site. As each account can only host one domain name, if you want to have multiple websites, you’ll need to sign up for separate accounts for each one. This may also require additional emails and account management. However, it is essential to ensure that each of your websites has its unique identity and is easily distinguishable.

Another possible issue is managing the billing and subscriptions associated with multiple Squarespace accounts. Keep track of your billing details and renewal dates to ensure that your websites remain active and accessible. If you face any difficulties with payments or subscription management, the Squarespace Help Center is an invaluable resource for finding solutions.

You may also come across limitations imposed by your account level when dealing with multiple websites. For instance, if you require more than the maximum allowed number of websites, you may need to contact Squarespace support to explore your options. Being proactive and communicative with the Squarespace team can help you find solutions tailored to your specific needs.

In summary, dealing with potential issues when managing multiple websites on Squarespace requires attention to detail, organization, and efficient use of available resources. By making use of the Squarespace Help Center and staying aware of your account limitations, you can rest assured that your websites will continue to thrive and function smoothly.

Squarespace Limitations

When it comes to managing multiple websites on Squarespace, you should be aware of some limitations. First and foremost, there is a cap on the number of websites you can have on a single account. On Squarespace, users can have up to 20 websites on one account. Should you need more than this limit, you can contact the Squarespace support team to discuss your options.

It’s also worth noting that each Squarespace website will require its own subscription. While you can create multiple websites using one Squarespace account, you’ll need to pay for each website separately to access all the features and templates that Squarespace has to offer.

Another aspect to consider when managing multiple websites on Squarespace is the plan you choose. Squarespace offers different plans with varying features to cater to different user needs. Depending on your requirements, you may need to subscribe to a higher plan to meet your goals. Some advanced features, such as the ability to access developer tools or integration with third-party applications, may only be available on higher-tier plans.

Lastly, it is essential to keep in mind that while managing multiple websites within a single Squarespace account is possible, the ease of management can become challenging as the number of sites increases. It can be more complex to oversee multiple domains, manage billing information for each site, and maintain an organized workflow when handling numerous websites simultaneously.

By understanding these limitations, you can better strategize how to effectively manage and optimize your Sququarespace websites while making the best use of available resources and features.


We have discovered that Squarespace allows users to create and manage multiple websites on a single account. With the ability to incorporate up to 20 websites on a single account, Squarespace provides a convenient platform for businesses with multiple brands, individuals working on various projects, or those looking to experiment with different website styles.

Using Squarespace’s centralized dashboard, managing websites becomes an efficient task. This feature simplifies the process of tracking website performance and makes it easier to switch between sites as needed.

In summary, Squarespace is a reliable and flexible platform that caters to users with diverse website needs. By offering the capacity for multiple websites on a single account, it makes the website creation and management processes seamless and enjoyable.


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